Business Services

Employer Benefits

  • Gain an additional source to meet staffing needs
  • Reduce the cost of hiring and training
  • Receive Tax Credit
  • Positively influence the lives and future of youth
  • Subsidized Employment
    • 160 internship hours with no cost
    • Workers’ compensation coverage and FICA
  • Employer Tax Incentives
    • Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Getting Started
    • Sign an internship or on-the-job training agreement
    • Provide job description
    • Interview and select candidates
    • Hire capable performer
  • Employer Program Requirements
    • Provide mentoring on the job
    • Approve time sheets
    • Conduct performance evaluations
    • Interface with AYE Employment Representative


Community Benefits

  • Reduce crime, high school dropout rate and unplanned teen pregnancies
  • Higher degree of workforce education and capability
  • Reduction in poverty and government welfare dependency


Youth Benefits

  • Learn the value of work experience
  • Gain understanding of the benefit of continued education
  • Acquire the potential for a lifetime career